Frequently Asked Quetions

Please feel free to contact any one of us at any time should you require any further information, recommendation or assistance of any kind.

Wishing you a wonderful stay in our Country, City and Hotel.


Q – What is the Check-in and Check-out Time?

A – Check-in time is at 2pm and check out time is at 12. 00 noon

Q – What foreign Currencies are accepted?

A – American Dollars, Canadian, Pound Sterling and Euros

Q – Are Travellers Cheques accepted?

A – No

Q – What Credit Cards are accepted?

A – All Major credit cards. Master Card, Visa and American Express. We do not accept Discover cards.

Q – What is the Hotel’s Guarantee policy?

A – We Guarantee a room if you provide any Major Credit Cards or Corporate Company letters.

Q – What is the Hotel’s cancellation policy?

A – Reservation must be cancelled by 12 Noon on the day prior to arrival. Reservations not guaranteed by credit   card or letter will be held until 6.00 pm of the day of arrival, after which it will be released.

Q – Do you have an ATM?

A – Yes, and it only dispenses Guyana dollars.

Q – What is the weather like in Guyana?

A – Tropical with rains seasons in May\June and Dec\Jan.

Q – What is the far to the Hotel from the Airport? How much the Taxi cost?

A – It is approximately 45 mins drive from the Airport. The cost for the taxi is Us$25.00 or GY$ 5,000.00

Q – What is the distance to the City Centre from the Hotel? How much the Taxi Cost?

A – It’s about ten mins inclusive of traffic and the cost is around GY$500 or US $3.00.

Q – How much is the Airport Departure Tax?

A – The departure tax is US$21.00 or GY$4,000.

Q – Can we book a tour from the Hotel?

A – We can put you in contact with the local Tour Operators.

Q – Do you have postal delivery to the Hotel?

A – Yes

Q – What Courier Companies are there in Guyana?

A – Fedex, D.H.L. UPS

Q – Can the Hotel arrange for me to play Golf in Georgetown?

A – Yes

Q – Are Pets allowed in the Hotel?

A – No

Q – Do you provide extra beds? What is the Cost?

A – Yes, the cost is US$15 per day

Q – Does the Hotel provide Baby Cribs? And what is the Cost?

A – Yes, there is no charge for Cribs but be sure to reserve it as they are limited numbers available.

Q – What is the Voltage used in the Hotel?

A – 110v\220v