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About Guyana

The name Guyana is an Amerindian word meaning land of many waters. Guyana is often referred as the bridge between the Caribbean and South America. It borders Brazil, Venezuela, and Suriname, and borders the Atlantic Ocean in the north. The country has a diverse population of 700,000, originating from India, Africa, China, Europe, as well as those indigenous to the South American continent.

Guyana is the only English-speaking country in South America. The country has four distinct geographical areas: The coastal belt, the forest region, the savannah zone, and the sandy zone.

Georgetown, the chief port and capital, is located on the right bank of the Demerara River estuary. It was named after the British conquered the are from the Dutch in 1812. The name originated from Fort St. George, which was established at the mouth of the Demerara River as a signal station for the purpose of observing and controlling incoming and outgoing traffic. Most of the streets of the capital “Garden City” are laid out in an almost perfect rectangle–a legacy of the Dutch.

Guyana achieved the status of a Cooperative Republic on February 23, 1970, after gaining independence from Great Britain on May 26, 1966.


Our ethnic diversity, Amerindian heritage, and exceptional natural beauty has influenced many great painters and artists. You can see these works at:

  • The National Museum
  • The Walter Roth Museum
  • The National Art Gallery
  • The Guyana Heritage Museum
  • The Museum of African Heritage

Sightseeing in Georgetown

Georgetown’s history offers an interesting mix of European and Local architecture.

  • Umana Yana: or a meeting place was constructed by members of the Wai-Wai tribe in 1972 to host the Non-Aligned Conference.
  • In the foreground of the Umana Yana, is the African Liberation Monument consisting of 5 polished Greenheart logs encased in jasper on Granite boulder.
  • The Light House: The first lighthouse was built of wood by the Dutch and illuminated with an oil lamp. In 1830 the British built a 103 ft high brick structure. The 1000 watts bulb is visible 30-40 miles.
  • State House: Formally known as the Governor House is the official residence of the President of Guyana.
  • The Cenotaph is in the memory of the fallen soldier in the 2 world wars.
  • St. George’s Cathedral: Once considered the tallest wooden building in World, the Cathedral was built in 1894 and has been designated a National Monument.
  • City Hall: The majestic Building of Disney like features is an exquisite example of Colonial architecture.
  • The High Court: Previously called the Victoria Law Court with her statue in the foreground.
  • The Parliament Building: This landmark building designed by Joseph Hadfield was built in 1834.
  • Prime Minister’s Residence: This building is an evidence of Italian architecture.
  • Stabroek Market: The ‘BIG MARKET” claims to encapsulate the spirit of Georgetown.

Recreational spots in Georgetown:

  • National Park: Located in Thomas Lands, it was originally called Queen Elizabeth Park and was opened by the Queen on February 16, 1966. The park has the Burrowes School of Art and The Children’s Millennium Monument. Various concerts and festivals take place in the park.
  • Seawall: Built by the Dutch in 1872, the Seawall measures 280 miles. It is ideal for long walks and jogs. Traditionally, families visit the wall on Sunday enjoying the Caribbean music, games, and refreshing cool breeze.
  • Botanical Gardens and Zoological Park: An expansive garden, perfect for weekend picnics or a trip to see a variety of animals.
  • Promenade Garden: A scenic retreat that is ideal for a tranquil afternoon amidst large, shady trees and various species of flowers.

Banks in Georgetown:

  • Bank of Guyana: 22603250-9
  • Bank of Nova Scotia: 225-9222
  • Citizen Bank: 226-1705
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Demerara Bank
  • Guyana Bank of Trade and Industry
  • Republic Bank- 226-4091

Airline Offices:

  • Caribbean Airlines: 226-1260
  • Liat Airlines: 225-4389

Consulates in Georgetown:

  • Brazil: 225-7970
  • British: 226-5881
  • Canadian: 227 2081
  • China: 227 1651
  • Cuba: 225 1883
  • European Commission: 226- 4004
  • Indian: 226-3996
  • Russian: 226-9773
  • Suriname: 225-7846
  • USA: 225-4900

Hospitals in Georgetown:

  • Davis Memorial: 227-2041
  • Balwant Singh: 226-4279
  • Georgetown Public: 227-8204
  • St Joseph Mercy: 227-2072
  • Wood Lands: 227-8397

Courier Service:

  • DHL: 225-7772
  • FedEx: 227-6976
  • UPS: 227-8524